Knowing more about your glucose level can improve your life quality. Through the application of technologies such as artificial intelligence, we help both children with diabetes, athletes and people, offering tools that will help them manage their daily life to get the most out of it.


The only education & diabetes management environment designed and developed for children

We learn together, we learn before and playing. It seeks to offer children greater independence, with an environment adapted to their needs that will allow them to manage their diabetes better and to overcome the barriers they currently encounter in their daily lives.

Through the app you will be able to receive real time information about your glucose level and your time in risk levels, allowing you to anticipate possible critical situations.

It has a simple system for meal, activity and insulin registration by the child, within a game environment that will encourage the participation of kids.

And in addition, they will be able to be part of the xugarhero community formed by small superheroes with desire to change the world.

Learn how to calculate your carbohydrate servings at each meal

Kids will be able to learn how to count the carbohydrates rations and their glycemic index with a system based on the tables of the Foundation for Diabetes, promoting the autonomy of children when it comes to controlling their habits.

Similarly, data on sports activity and insulin can also be recorded, giving more context to the data on glucose levels.

Have fun while becoming a diabetes management expert

Xugarhero includes Gluco Hunt, a gamified environment that will allow children to better understand how to act in different situations caused by diabetes.

Get xugars to equip your superhero and play level exploration games, discovering how food and insulin impact glucose levels.

Why not have fun while we learn?

Also for health professionals

Xugarhero also offers health professionals, in a complementary role, a digital platform for the integral management of information, making available all the data generated by the patient. It makes easier proffesional’s work.

The platform has a predictive system that works thanks to autonomous learning based on artificial intelligence. In this way, it shows alarms and scenarios of future evolution of glucose levels, detecting patterns and key aspects that facilitate the personalization of the treatment for each person.

¿How to connect to xugarhero?

A option

Connect Freestyle Libre to Miao Miao or Bubble.

B option

Connect directly through the Dexcom sensor.

SPORT and Nutrition

Control your glucose levels during your sports activity

Get to know your body like you never imagined before, through the data generated by the biosensors you add to your training. Through predictions based on artificial intelligence you will be able to organize your sport activity properly to maximize your performance.

Receive customized thresholds and ranges to get to know you better, to perform better, and not to lose heart.

Understand how your body works and define a correct nutrition campaing for a healthy life.

Also for trainers and nutritionists

Put yourself in the hands of our top level partners or share the data with your personal trainer and/or nutritionist, in order to obtain a training plan adapted to your condition.

And we are committed to you being the only owner of your data.